dinsdag, mei 24, 2016

Google I/O, May 18-20: recap

New products & services:
  • Launches Google Assistant (@google, Ok Google; chatbot; voice control, based on Knowledge Graph)
  • Plans Allo (free chat app) summer 2016, incl Google Assistant, mobile-only, works with phone number, with incognito mode (e2e encryption)
  • Plans Duo (HD video calls app) summer 2016
  • Launches Google Home (voice controlled speaker), incl Google Assistant, Cast
  • Plans Project Magenta 160601 (use AI to create art), based on TensorFlow (open source AI -platform).
  • Launches Daydream (platform for developers for VR for Android; with headset & controller), partners with IMAX, Yi Technology (for cinema-grade VR rig)
  • Launches Android Instant Apps (no installation, launches subset of app from URL)
  • Launches Tensor Processing Unit (TPU; custom ASIC for machine learning) for datacenters
Updated products & services:
  • Plans Android N (split screen, 3-D, VR)
  • Launches Android Wear 2.0 (opens apps while offline)
  • Launches Android Auto update (integrates Waze)
  • Launches Android Studio 2.2 for developers
  • Launches Firebase update for developers (470k users)
  • Adds Android apps & Play Store to Chrome (OS)
  • Plans Project Ara (6 interchangeable module slots: camera, battery, speaker, memory, e-ink display etc, not core components) for developers 16Q4, commercial 2017
  • Project Jacquard partners with Levi's for smart jacket (control music, answer phone calls, access navigation etc by tapping & swiping the sleeve), plans beta fall 2016, commercial spring 2017
  • Project Soli demos smartwatch with gesture control based on radar sensor (with Infineon)
  • Project Abacus (password-free login, based on biometrics) available for developers end 2016
Usage stats:
  • 65b app downloads from Google Play -12 mo
  • 600 new Android smartphones -12 mo
  • Google Photos 200m MAU
  • 50m Cardboard apps downloads
  • App downloads driven by ads: 2b